Friday, January 18, 2008

Surviving Culture Shock

Survival Tips for Dealing With Culture Shock

* Realize that pointing fingers and blaming, depletes energy and wastes time.

* Develop your network of friends more. Have some beer with peers but not to the point of cutting yourself off with the Japanese community that surrounds you.

* Be thankful for what you have. Innocent rot in jail cells. There are millions without enough to eat. So get a grip. At least you're getting paid.

* Exercise and vitamin B supplements are excellent stress busters.

* Remember you’re not alone and everyone goes through it. Ask co-workers & friend how they best coped with it.

* If a lot of your troubles are coming from the inability to speak Japanese, buckle down and study. Get some study partners lined-up where you exchange English for Japanese.

* Blow off a little steam..."

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