Thursday, September 4, 2008

Radio Controlled Plane Shops in Kanto

Some explanations contributed at various forums about where some
RC Plane shops are located in Akihabara, Tokyo:

One is very close to Iwamotocho. I can explain to you how to get there: When you get to the station, just get out using the lift (because I don't know the right exit number...). When you get out and face the street, just turn left and walk straight up. The shop should be on your left within 3 blocks maximum (it will probably be closer).

Here is a map to the shop in Akihabara:,139.773801&z=18&t=m

As you can see is almost next door to Iwamotocho, exit A2

If you go out
of Akihabara station and head across the main street and follow the overhead
Sobu sen tracks you will get to one major road. At that road, you take
a right and walk towards Okachimachi... it's down that way.

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