Friday, September 11, 2009

Wondering what to Read about Living and Working in Japan

There are many great books about living and working in this interesting part of the world.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Japanese Movie: Sukiyaki Western Django

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"Sukiyaki Western Django"

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Before you watch this movie you must be familiar with the "Tale of Heike". Without such, it is a bit dry and absurd. With such, it is a scream.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weather Advisory from the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo

Dear Canadian citizen,

As you may have heard on the news already, many regions of Japan are current under weather advisories for heavy rains, land slides, high waves and flash flooding due to the effects related to Tropical Storm Krovanh (aka Typhoon #11).

Please take precautionary measures by avoiding low-lying areas, shorelines of rivers and coastal regions for the next 24 to 48 hours. Also, please be certain to follow any safety instructions issued by your local municipalities in the various regions of Japan.

For additional information please refer to the Japan Meteorological Agency website:

As this tropical storm is receiving media coverage by international media outlets, you might consider contacting your family and friends back in Canada to advise them of your safety status.

Stay safe,

Consular Section
Embassy of Canada, Tokyo, Japan.

Cher(ère) citoyen(ne) canadien(nne),

Comme vous le savez possiblement déjà, plusieurs régions du Japon sont présentement sous alerte météorologique suite aux fortes pluies, glissements de terrain, hautes vagues et inondations dues aux effets de la tempête tropicale Krovanh (aka Typhon # 11).

Merci de prendre toutes les mesures nécessaires afin d'éviter les zones de faible altitude, les rives des cours d'eau et les régions côtières pour les prochaines 24 à 48 heures. Veuillez vous assurer de suivre toutes les mesures de sécurité émises par les autorités locales de votre municipalité dans toutes les régions du Japon.

Pour plus d'informations, merci de vous référer au site de l'agence météorologique du Japon au :

Puisque cette tempête tropicale fait l'objet d'une couverture médiatique, vous voudrez possiblement contacter votre famille et vos amis au Canada afin de les rassurer sur votre situation.

Soyez prudent,

Section consulaire
Ambassade du Canada, Tokyo, Japon

NVC: Non-Violent Communications Group Holds Workshop in Tokyo

The NVC (nonviolent communications) group here in Tokyo is holding a workshop in November for beginning to intermediate (maybe advanced as well) learners of NVC. We are hoping to attract many new faces :)

I am holding an information meeting to primarily introduce NVC to the Zen community here in Japan,
and secondarily to find like minded people interested in youth, early childhood work. I am hoping to
open and expand on my terakoya which I ran for a week this summer, and start a youth project using
NVC as a base. If you are interested, or know anyone who is, please forward this part on. I will be recommending
to those who are interested to join the Tokyo workshop in November as a starter.

ZEN and Compassionate Communication information seminar (ZENVC)
Regina Splees
Meetings - Informational Meeting
Sunday, September 27, 2009
3:00pm - 6:30pm
Chofuu\ku-ji (長福寺)
Muraoka Higashi 3-358
Fujisawa, Japan

Nonviolent Communication (NVC), also known as Compassionate Communication, is a way of relating to ourselves and others, moment to moment, free of any past happenings. By learning to identify your needs and express them powerfully, as well as understanding and being present to the needs of others, you can stay connected to your authentic truth and create a life that it is more fulfilling.
( from

ZENVC represents wisdom and experience derived from both Nonviolent Communication (NVC), as developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D., and Zen Buddhism.


A) What is NVC / ZENVC
B) A little bit about empathy
C) Future endeavors:
1) Open study group
2) sponsor workshop / training
3) develop modern Terakoya
4) Create a Youth Project

簡単に言うと、非暴力コミュニケーション(英語で、NonViolentCommunication,(NVC))はコミュニケーションにおいて相手とのつながりを持ち続けながら、お互いのニーズ(必要)が満たされるまで話し合いを続けていくという、共感を持って臨むコミュニケーション の方法です。非暴力コミュニケーションは (NVC) 、思いやりの言葉だ、より良い社会への変革の道具だ、或いは、スピリチュアルの実践だ、などと説明されます。NVC は私たちに、何が私たちを触発するかを理解したり、自分の反応に責任を取ったり、自身と他者とのつながりを深めたりするための道具と意識を提供し、それによって私たちの人生に対する習慣化された反応を変えてゆきます。最終的には、私たちが人生やその意味についてどう考えるかを根本的に変える必要があります。
最近、社会に関わり行動する仏教(Engaged Buddhism)のために世界中の仏教者が、一つの方法として、非暴力コミュニケーションを利用しています。ZenPeacemakersのファウンダー、グラスマン老師がZenPeacemakerのプログラムの中で非暴力コミュニケーションワークショップを入れています。「行学不二」と言う表現を利用して考えています。というのは、非暴力コミュニケーションは禅を生きる力の一つと考えています。