Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Narita Airport Express Lane for Non-Japanese Residents of Japan

Well, I just got back from a holiday trip and lo and behold... Narita, at least
at terminal 2, has
instituted lines for people holding re-entry visas. So now there are 3 lines.
One for Japanese,
new entry foreigners, and now one (with about 4 or 6 windows to it but not bad)
for those
with re-entry visas.

It's basically back to the old days except getting to put the fingerprints into
the system.


They have had that set up since they started the fingerprinting. The longest I have spent in line now has been under 10 minutes.

I have also had people from the other lines ask if I was in the wrong line with a look of jealousy on thier face, when they find out the re-entry line is so short.

C. Zanella

I don't recall this being the case at terminal 1 then. I remember only
the two lines. That said, I got preferential treatment when i went
there with my two kids. We got moved into the priority lane which is
almost always a no-waiting line. Time to rediscover that crick in your


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